Custom Designs

Even though we have the largest selection of unique designer jewelry in stock, you may want to design a piece of your own creation. From imagination to reality, Chalmers Jewelers has the latest technology to make unique designs from your inspiration. Our custom jewelers will work with you to create your dream come true.  Here is how the process works: 

First we consult with you on your ideas, create a basic design and estimate the project price.  Next, one of our CAD designers uses the most advanced jewelry design software to create a 3-D rendered image of your future heirloom.  Upon your approval of the renders, the piece is either grown from our Solidscape wax printer or milled from our Revo system.  This process generates a three- dimensional wax for you to view of what the finished product will look like.  Once you approve the wax, we cast your item in metal and finish the piece. 

The whole process takes only 3 weeks from start to finish!   What is more suprising than that?  Our custom jewelry will typically cost less than similair pieces that were mass produced in a factory overseas.  Even more reason to buy local. 

We invite you to stop by and see why Chalmers is Madison's Custom Jeweler.